Advanced Encryption Options

One of the main barriers standing in the way of email encryption has been the difficulty using encryption services and the lack of advanced encryption options. Trustifi revolutionized email encryption through the integration of advanced encryption options that are easy-to-use and hassle-free to receive and open. The suite of features our robust email encryption platform gives users the flexibility to use their encryption service in ways they may not have imagined.

The Trustifi Difference

With Trustifi’s encryption software, there’s no worry about an email sitting around in someone’s inbox waiting to be opened or staying available for malicious actors. With the rise in data thefts, malicious actors are increasingly penetrating email platforms with the intention of gaining access to sensitive information. Trustifi addresses this concern by providing the sender with a comprehensive set of tools that gives them an unprecedented level of control over the content that they are sending.

With Trustifi senders can:

  • Recall, block, or modify emails that have already been sent or delivered.
  • Set expirations for emails so that they aren’t sitting around in someone else’s inbox.
  • Prevent printing and remove metadata from attachments
  • Add customizable corporate logo and branding to delivered encrypted email.

These features give users end-to-end control over where content goes and how long it lasts at its destination.

Core Benefits

Trustifi doesn’t just enhance the security of sent emails by allowing you to encrypt it one way, it also provides security features for recipients, too. Given the wide breadth of cybersecurity threats facing modern organizations, Trustifi’s intelligent email security features offer a welcome defense against email-based threat vectors.

Trustifi also augments cybersecurity efforts by automatically incorporating threat detection into inbound emails. With Trustifi, all emails delivered to a user’s inbox are given an authentication score and emails that appear suspicious will be flagged so the user is alerted not to open. No longer will malicious actors be able to simply spoof their email address to bypass company security protocols.

With Trustifi, users know immediately whether an email is verified from an authorized sender or a spoofing attack filled with malware links or bad attachments in an effort to phish financial data.


While everyone can benefit from greater security, for individuals and organizations in industries that interact with sensitive data on a regular basis ensuring the security of their data is a primary concern. These include:

  • Pharmaceutical and Healthcare
  • Financial
  • Legal
  • Real Estate and Mortgage Brokers

Trustifi’s advanced encryption options make it the ideal email encryption platform for industries that interact with sensitive data, such as personally identifiable information (PII), electronically protected health information (e-PHI), cardholder data, and sensitive personal information.

Why It Matters

The consequences of a data breach have never been greater. The risk of suffering a breach is growing every day, which is why it's imperative that your email's data is encrypted properly. Even the best cybersecurity implementations efforts to minimize the risk of unauthorized access to data.

Trustifi’s advanced encryption options build on your existing cybersecurity efforts by giving you an additional layer of security. Features such as Inbound Notifications serve as an added line of defense against the ever-present risk of spear phishing.

Effective cybersecurity requires an always-on level of readiness. With Trustifi, you can be sure that every email you send is encrypted and secure, and that every email you receive has been vetted.